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Voted Best in Bluffton Doggy Care 2014 & 2015.

We spoil the pets & the people.

The Bark Shack is a full service Pet Care Company offering pet boarding, daycare, and dog & cat grooming. Pick-up and delivery service is also available in Bluffton and Hilton Head Island. Please see our Services section for pricing.

Karen Just


Karen Just is a certified pet groomer, a former member of the National Dog Groomers Association, and a former member of National Association of Creative Pet Groomers. Karen dreamed of owning a kennel since the age of 9, while living in Chattanooga, TN, but life, 8 years as a radio announcer, and 20 years in corporate sales got in the way.

Finally, starting in 2007, Karen created/owned and sold a profitable kennel, then embarked on her latest and best, “The Bark Shack.” Karen has two gorgeous girls and one totally adorable grandson! ...and nine rescue dogs, two cats….



Pet Transportation

We can pick up or deliver your pet when you’re not home! Our staff is bonded and trustworthy to have in your home. We have hundreds of keys we keep in a secure lock box. And as a second security measure, these keys are tagged with your pet name NOT your last name or address.


1. If we have your credit card on file, we can bill your account. If we do not, we must have payment on pickup or before delivery.

2. If your neighbor can be included in the same stop, Yeah!... If we drive 3 houses down, it doesn't count and both customers will be charged for the STOP FEE.

3. If you have a set schedule and failed to inform us of a day off and we stopped to pick up anyway, you will be charged.

4. We will try to reach you via call and/or text, then We will wait 5 minutes. If we hear from you after we have left, you may be charged a second fee if we are asked to return.

5. If we are scheduled to pick up your pet for daycare OR boarding it is your responsibility to call and confirm that we have in fact, picked up your pet. If you are unsure whether a family member has scheduled a pickup it is your responsibility to follow through and find out.

6. We have had a person leave on vacation for two weeks and fail to leave a key. If we are required to break into your home for your pet, we will charge you $250 plus you will be responsible for all damage done to your home upon entry and any legal fees or fines we may incur.

7. If we are transporting to or from a plantation and a pass is not called in for us, you WILL incur additional charges.

8. Your pet is covered under our insurance/liability while in transit as a paid customer of The Bark Shack, LLC.

9. Pick ups need to be called in by 8am…if you call and request a SAME DAY pick up AFTER 8 AM (not PM), you may incur additional charges, if we much back track or make a second run.

10. Dropoffs must be requested by 4:30pm or additional charges could apply.

Contact us to learn more about the several ways to schedule for any pick up and dropoffs, including early morning options:

Doggy Daycare


Please know pricing for daycare WILL CHANGE BY SPRING 2016. As Spring approaches, this standard pricing will remain the same, however, pets that will be affected by the increase will be:

A good rule to remember if your pet requires a yard to him/herself or VERY limited others, they cost more to us and therefore we must charge more. WE ARE A SOCIAL KENNEL, PACK ORIENTED. IF YOUR PET requires private play, seclusion due to behavior OR PRIVATE HANDLING, THERE WILL BE AN UPCHARGE.


Full Day (7 AM - 7PM)
$11 per dog

Half Day (4 HOURS or LESS)
$8 per dog

Kennel Lunch - $1 per guest or bring your own lunch
Grain-Free Kennel Lunch - $3 per guest or bring your own lunch

Holiday Day Care Hours and Prices
During the Thanksgiving and Christmas season, we have people desperate for boarding. We always sell out. This causes less available space for our daycare visitors. Then, we have those desperate for our daycare program because their pet will eat the turkey off of the table.

In order to accommodate all, we do offer daycare, but we have increased the price to $32 daily per dog. No half day allowed during these times.

These dates are as follows:
2 days prior to Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving day and 2 days after Thanksgiving
3 days prior to Christmas, regardless what day Christmas falls on, Christmas day and 3 days after Christmas

If you utilize our 1/2 day bath and play, there is still a $32 charge for the daycare and normal bathing charges. However, you will receive the normal $3 discount as customary on all 1/2 day bath and play packages.

Our Services

We are very thankful for the referrals you continue to send our way. For every referral you send us, you will receive a $11 credit* applied to your account that can be used for any of our services here at The Barkshack.

*The credit will be applied to your account after the referred person has concluded their service and either you or them let us know that you referred them prior to their service.
We offer pick up and delivery in our airconditioned / crated DOGGY TAHOE
Pricing is determined by the distance from our establishment.
We are located at 33 Ulmer Road (only two streets over from the heart of Down Town Bluffton).
Pricing is as follows: ( and is considered PER STOP, not per dog)
Bluffton & Bluffton Library area: $4 each way. Buck Island, Lakes at Edgewater, Pinecrest, Pine Ridge, Shell Hall, Bartons Run, Hampton hall, Sandy Point, Woodbridge $6 each way. RoseDhu and Grande Oaks area: $9 New Riverside area and Heritage new Riverside, Palmetto Point, Mill Creek, Lawton Station (Not Palmetto Bluff): $13 each way. Palmetto Bluff: minimum $18 plus any gate charges, if applicable Anywhere off 278 (Belfair, Crescent, Rose Hill, Pinckney Colony, Berkley Hall, Moss Creek, Island West) $12 Off 170 towards Beaufort: $15 River Bend and Rivers End each way. Callawassie & Hilton Head Lakes $20 each way Sun City $17 either side Old Field Plantation, Courtney Bend Apartments & Austin Chase Apartments $15 Old Field Mews $18 We will only run to Hilton Head if time allows and driver is available. $18 to cross over bridge, then each area will be quoted separately. Please call for further info. We will gladly give you a long term pricing structure if needed, and will make commitments to you, regardless of availability. But these must be made in advance: for instance, every Tuesday/Thursday or every other Friday,etc...
Guest Boarding (per night) $32 first dog, $26 each additional dog. (private room or open boarding) Special quoting for four or more dogs in the same family. We offer two types of boarding: Private and Open Open Boarding Allows your pet to sleep in a PACK LIKE environment. We limit this to only 4-5 pets per room. Each pet MUST BE PRE-SCREENED prior to open boarding. (We have several groupings in order to accommodate each type of pet: puppy, geriatric, rowdy, book readers and loungers, etc..) Private Boarding We have indoor/outdoor kennels with a private patio for larger dogs and/or dogs that need more of an isolated arrangement. Spacious interior kennels, perfect for families: Whether your dog family has all large breeds, all small breeds or a combination of both, the family suites offer roomy, comfortable accommodations.
Cat Boarding (per night) Individual - $20 each Two Cats - $35 total After years of a facility with individual cat condos, we tried something new at The Bark Shack. All cats are in open boarding and the results have been 100% beneficial. Cats are offered plenty of hidey spots and climbing trees. We can feed seperately if you prefer.
Birds, Bunnies, Hamsters, etc. $9 per day & up (pricing based on type of animal and care required) Exotics We offer boarding for exotic pets as long as we can provide a safe private area for your pet. Pricing based on type of pet. Please call for pricing. You will need to supply their own bedding, food and other necessities.
Prices based on your proximity to The Bark Shack facility. Each visit lasts 20 minutes long and there are no limits to the number of pets. Overnight visits are based on staff availability.
Business Hours Visit $20 and up
Overnights (10pm to 6:30am) $65 and up
Warm Sudsy Bath (bath, ear cleaning, natural spritzer). Oatmeal shampoo, medicated shampoo or flea dip available at no extra charge. Bath and Play pricing does not include nails.
Small Dogs Bath - $15 Bath and Play - $21
Medium Dogs Bath - $20 Bath and Play - $26
Bigguns' Bath - $25 Bath and Play - $31
Add-Ons Nail Trim - $10 Filing Nails with a dremmel - $18
If your pet comes infested with fleas, we will provide a CAPSTAR $12 and add to your bill. If your pet is here for bath/nails only, you must pick up within 4 hours or you will be charged for 1/2 day bath and play. If your pet is here for full grooming there is no additional charge for daycare.
Our grooming prices are based on breed. We have listed the most popular breeds below, so if you do not see your breed, just give us a call for pricing. In some cases, de-matting or other special services may be required.
Maltese, Mini Schnauzer, Shih Tzu, Westie, Yorkie $45 Pomeranian, Poodle(teacup & miniature) $50 Standard Schnauzer, Brittany, Cavalier, Corgi, Lhasa Apso $50 Border Collie, Cocker Spaniel, Labrador Retriever $55 Springer Spaniel $65 Golden Retriever $60 German Shepard, Wheaton Terrier, Keeshond $65 Golden Doodle, Giant Schnauzer $75 Mini Golden Doodle $55 Old English Sheepdog, St. Bernard $85 Standard Poodle $70
Cats Bath - $25 Flea Dip - $30 Medicated Bath - $30 Nails (Front) - $5 Nails (Back) - $5 Shave/Groom - $50-$65
Add-ons Nails Clipped - $10 Nails Dremmelled - $18
We offer some fun add-ons to make your Barkshack experience a memorable one both for you and your fur baby.
Pictures of your pet emailed or texted $2 per picture
Transportation to/from other locations $20 per 30 minutes
Brushing $5 per session
Sterilized Bones with pork/chicken filling 6 inch bone - $9 3 inch bone - $7 Peanut Butter filled Kong - $3


karen@thebarkshack.com 33 Ulmer Road, Bluffton, SC 29910 843.757.0888 843-295-3420 Text Only! 843-757-0818 Fax Number


What makes us different from other kennels? We are a very social kennel! As long as your dog is friendly he/she can socialize and stay OUT of their kennel 100% (except for meals and nighttime). All areas are supervised and all pets are put with dogs of like mind/temperament. Don't worry... any dog that is temperamentally questionable will have his/her own private space. Should I leave a tip? I noticed a tip line on the receipt... Many people prefer to leave a tip for a grooming or bathing service, but not for daycare or boarding. I love that photo on your page of the Jack Russell Terrier! Do you know who took that and where I can have my dog photographed?? As a matter of fact we do! Her name is Michelle Grove and she can be found here. She lives in Pennsylvania and loves taking photos of pups! Make sure to book an appointment if you ever head out that way! Can I bring my pet's bed to the kennel when I board them? All dogs and cats are offered a warm, clean, comfortable bed at night, however you are welcome to send their own bed if you prefer but only if they are in private secluded boarding. Do I need to send food with my pet when they are being boarded? We offer Pedigree kibble at no cost and a grain free kibble for a $2.50 per meal upcharge. However, you are welcome to send any food if your dog has any dietery restrictions. What is a designated Ambassador Dog? A dog, personal pet, that belongs to The Bark Shack owner or employee. This dog has been in play groups of various sizes and temperments and evaluated for all types of behavior and situations. These dogs have completed at least 500 hours of monitored play, all evaluated by a senior Bark Shack employee.
These dogs are valuable to you, your pets and the public.
For instance: When a dog comes to us with questionable behavior, we cannot allow him in public play until further evaluation. Sometimes impossible if we have no adequate playmate. Therefore this canine customer would be put on a rotation basis and only allowed out by himself. This is negative for the pet. Usually resulting in a more aggressive and ill tempered pet. He simply needs a playmate, with which to learn manners, rules, etc... Our designated Ambassador Dogs are hand picked. We have had 100% positive outcome since the inception of this program in Summer 2015.