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Fun Activities For Your Pet                            Prices are subject to change without notice.

Many customers like to schedule additional activities for their pets. We have several to choose from....for all ages and sizes. Please schedule these upon "check-in" when boarding or call for an appointment. These activities can be added to any boarding visit, daycare visit, or homecare visit. And a few of these activities are CAT FRIENDLY!

Molly at Beach

A Trip To The Beach

During the summer months, dogs are allowed on the beach after 5:00 p.m., remaining months, they are allowed all hours. Your dog will have a blast romping in the waves, or strolling the beach. An air-conditioned ride to & from, fresh water always & a courtesy bath upon return to the kennel, to remove the sand & salt. Please let us know if you prefer the water play, beach walk, or both.

This is a 2 hour + activity (including drive time.) Picture included at no extra charge.
$96 for one dog (second dog in same family $44)


Calming wade in the May:

The May River, always inviting, and only minutes from The Bark Shack. Same as above with air-conditioned car ride, an abundance of fresh water for drinking, and a romp/run in the warm salt water or soothing, relaxed walk/wade.  Pups get warm bath upon return to remove the sand & salt!

(This is an hour (+) long activity, including drive time.) Picture included at no extra charge.
$64 for one dog (second pet in same family $40)


Golf Cart Rides:

Your pup will be tethered securely in the Golf Cart while enjoying a drive through AllJoy or Old Town. They will love the sights and sounds and sniffs! Pricing is based on per PET, and per LENGTH of time.
PSST: Old dogs LOVE the Golf Cart Rides.

20 minuters $20
30 minutes $30
45 minutes $45
(2nd, 3rd, and 4th pets from same family, add $10 per dog)
Picture included at no extra charge.

dunkin donuts ride

Dunkin' Dream:

An enjoyable drive to Dunkin Donuts, your pup enjoys the breeze in his/her face, then the smells as we near their bakery. As we wait in the drive thru, your pet anticipates the taste of their treat to come. Let us know what you wish to order for her. Can she have a Munchkin? A dollop of Whipped Cream? Your pup is welcome to whatever YOU CHOOSE.   

She will love this exciting & tasty activity!

$20 for one pet.(add $6 per additional family member)
(Picture included at no extra charge)


"Ollie" the Ultimate Multi-tasker!

Private Fetch or Frisbee

Dogs visiting with us are allowed to play & socialize with others. Often owners prefer a bit more One-on-One. We offer private Fetch & Frisbee. (aka. "we throw the ball, then chase the dog"...for those that don't quite understand the "Fetching concept.")

$18 for a 20 minute plus Fetch Fest

(no extra cost for additonal family members at the same time)

Kelly Snuggle Time

A Bed-Time Belly Rub or Snuggle Time

Perfect for puppies or older dogs when the owner wants a little extra TLC. These pups enjoy a private visit to a relaxing Snuggle pit (quiet room with soft fluffy blankets), One-on-One puppy love with his/her favorite staffer. We can provide loving belly rubs to your pet or use this time for simple brushing (not for serious combing or dematting). This is not a grooming experience, just a calming, relaxing One-on-One time.

($20 for 30 minute snug fest.) No cost for additional family members as long as all are "snugged" at same time.

Picture included at no extra charge. Available for cats too!

gracie sleeping with the boss

Sleep with the Boss 

Literally!   Book this activity, if you are worried about your pet while boarding, or just want to give them the TOTAL EXTRA TLC time. Book your pets overnight stay in the bosses bedroom! (or that of a manager).

Some people will book every single night for their pet to sleep in the bed with someone. Other owners choose just one night during their stay, whichever you prefer.

Your pet may stay on The Bark Shack Campus with the Owner, in the OWNER COTTAGE, or perhaps leave the campus for a visit to a managers home for the night. 

$84 for first pet, additional pets in same family $20 each.
Picture included at no extra cost. Available for cats too!

dog walking

A Private Walk or Run May Be Up Your Pets Alley!

We tether securely, then hit the road. We prefer to run towards the Recreation Center or maybe a stroll thru OLD TOWN. Maybe even a run to the school & further & back! We offer this activity in 15 minute, 30 minute, 45 minute or hour long intervals. Pick whichever you prefer. Hopefully we will have official "trails" to explore in the next 12-18 months.      $20 for 20 minutes * $30 for 30 minutes * $45 for 45 minutes *  add extra family member for $10 (2 dogs max per walk.)

Picture included at no extra cost.

pup eating icecream

Tasty Treat

You know your dog better than anyone! Does he like a noon-time snack? Does she like a nighttime treat? We stock several yummy treats for a very small purchase price.

* Dog Approved Ice Cream Treat
* Frozen Peanut Butter Cup
* Pumpkin Popscicle (great for digestion)


You are always welcome to bring your pets snacks from home. We will offer them to your pet whenever you request at no extra cost to you.

therapeutic bed

kuranda style cot

clancy after snack

Comfy Bed:

Just as you are welcome to bring your own snacks, toys ANYTHING from home, you are also welcome to bring your pets own beds. Just remember, though, your pet may never chew his/her bed at home, in a kennel situation, that isnt always the case.                                                       If you prefer one of our comfy therapeutic beds to ease their bones/muscles, we offer these at a minimal upcharage. If your pet is playing or being groomed, the bed will be stored. However, when back in their room, they can have their comfy beds 100% of the time. If you don't bring a bed from home and prefer to NOT pay for an upgrade, NO WORRIES, we do offer every pet a standard bed every night.  Upgrade to a Therapeutic Bed or Kuranda Style Cot for $3 each.

Pet Pix
Wanna see how your pet is doing? We will snap a quick pix or video and text or email to you! Most people order 1 or 2 per day. Only $ 3 per pix!

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