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The Bark Shack Grooming Studio! We affectionately call it The Beauty Shop (for canine & feline). Our team of four will pamper and groom your pet to their very best! Come get your GROOM ON with the complete works:

Bathing * Flea Control * Hair Clipping * Styling

karen grooming

Don't prefer a full clipping and grooming, perhaps just a bath & nail trim? We will gladly oblige. Nail grinding (dremmeling) is also available to smooth & round the edges of your pet's nails.

If you wish for the WORKS!, we will begin with a quick brush out to remove dead hair & dirt. We follow with a warm, soothing bath, a gentle scrub & a protein-infused conditioner to make their coat silky & soft. We will continue with the Breed Cut & Styling (or we can be a bit more creative if you wish to be daring). In finishing, the groom is delicately garnished with a bow, bandana, or ribbon.

Our bathers are trained for bathing all hair types and skilled to handle difficult dogs if necessary. Cats are gently bathed & groomed in their own room to prevent any troubles from poorly mannered canines.

We have recently adopted MODERN practices from some well-established studios throughout the country. This new philosophy allows for more availability for our customers, and more consistency with the clipping detail. It is a team atmosphere. We do not work on commission. We have hired one additional groomer, Cameron. Working alongside J'nay (lead groomer) & Karen (owner), our team has a combined grooming experience of over 20 years.


You can request a particular groomer if necessary. Karen is often unable to comply with individual requests due to the other demands of the business.

In addition to the obvious appearance benefits, regular grooming is key for a healthy life for your pet. We strive to make it easier for you.

We groom seven days each week. If you prefer hair clipping or trimming, please call ahead for an appointment. We gladly welcome walk-ins for baths & nail clips anytime.

Got a question for the groomer? Ask us anything, email us at

Many customers will email us the perfect picture of their pet for an example of their groom, or more details for the groomer.

Pricing for Full Grooms

*Doodles (all large types) Labradoodles, Golden Doodles, Aussie Doodles, Bernadoodles, etc. 

*Doodles (all small types) Mini Goldendoodles, Mini Labradoodles, etc. 

*Airedale * Giant Schnauzers * Bearded Collies * Bouviers * Standard Poodles 

*Pomeranians * Havanese * Cavaliers * Coton de' Tulars * Pekeinese * Bichons * Llasa Apsos * Shelties

*Cockers * Boykins * Spitz * Irish Setters * Gordon Setters * Collies * Springers * Brittanys * Cockapoos * English Setters * Border Collie

*Bernese Mtn Dogs * St. Bernards * Newfies * Great Pyrenese * OE Sheepdogs * Malamutes

*Golden Retrievers * Shepherds * Akitas * Samoyeds * Chow Chows * Huskeys * Wheaton Terriers

*Maltese * Shitzus * Mini Schnauzers * Long Hair Dachshunds * Morkies * Yorkies * Norwich/Norfolk Terriers *Poodles (small)
$50 - 70

*Welsh Terriers * Scotties * Westies * Norwegian Elkhounds * Japanese Chins * Pappillions * mini Aussies *Keeshonds
$50 - 70

Each pet is different, therefore we offer a pricing "range". Once we meet your pet, we can give you a more definite price quote. 

If you pet's breed is not listed, please ask for you pricing.

A Full Groom Includes:

  • A quick brush to remove loose hair & dirt
  • A nail trim or dremmel
  • All small dogs will have an anal gland adjustment (see notes below)
  • Followed by a warm cleansing bath with protein infused shampoo & conditioner
  • A gentle blow out & your breeds specific cut & feet/face trim
  • Finishing touches with a pretty hairbow or a handsome bandana

(Most large dogs do not have the same "anal gland issues" as smaller dogs. If, however, you wish for your larger dog to have an adjustment as well, simply ask. We will include this in the groom, at no additional cost.)

De-sheds are priced as: Bath/Nails/Appropriate brushing (Brushing: whether 20 minutes, 30 minutes, etc. is dependent on breed and coat.) The length of time brushing determines final price. 

Your "Go-TO" For All Pet Care!

  • Q&A has valuable information for all of our services, including Vaccination Requirements
  • Forms has printable forms so you can get a jump start for your first visit.
  • Pricing has current pricing for ALL services.