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"In-Your-Home" Pet Care


Sometimes, having your pet taken care of In-Your-Home may be a better option. Boarding in a kennel can be stressful for some pets.

* Perhaps your pet is older, and you don't want to give him/her the added stress of transportation.
* Maybe you have several pets, and home care is financially a better option.                        Often the boarding option may be SOLD OUT.

Duke and Toy

We charge PER VISIT. Our visits last 20-30 minutes. During this time we will walk & feed your pet. We clean up after them, if necessary. Emptying and cleaning the litter boxes are part of our repertoire, as well as feeding any fish, gerbils, etc.

We strive to stick with your family routine with early morning walks or late evening visits. Our visiting hours are between 8a-8p. We will accommodate  earlier  or  later  hours for a small upcharge.

Overnights are available only if the staff is available. All representatives are bonded and will meet with you before the first pet visit.

We are very professional with two representatives always being assigned to your visits. One will be your main caretaker, with the 2nd person being a back up for any unforeseen circumstances. All appointments are logged into our computer with pet information to ensure accuracy.

Do you prefer One visit daily? Two visits? Four or more? No worries, we will work with you to make certain your pets are given the most qualified & loving care.

Your "Go-TO" For All Pet Care!

  • Q&A has valuable information for all of our services, including Vaccination Requirements
  • Forms has printable forms so you can get a jump start for your first visit.
  • Pricing has current pricing for ALL services.