The Bark Shack

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Cat Boarding & Exotics

Despite our name, The Bark Shack, we do welcome & enjoy cats & other household pets (exotics)!

Cats have 2 options for their accommodations!
Cat in a Towel


Its a social community for cats to get to know one another if they wish. If not, there are plenty of climbing trees, hidey spots, and warm comfy beds for each to have a place of their own. A large window/sill is also available for the kitties to watch the world.

Cat Looking Around the Corner


Not all felines like to share. These discerning cats will have private condos with plenty of visibility, fluffy bedding, and anything you wish to bring from home.

The Bark Shack also offers the COMPLETE WORKS for cats in our grooming department! Bath * Nail Trim * Shave Down * Grooming * Brushing * Lion Cut



We also welcome rabbits, gerbils, fish, ducks... ANY family pet that we can house safely and comfortably.  You must provide your own bedding, food, and cage if necessary.

Your "Go-TO" For All Pet Care!

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