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Our Pricing    Prices are subject to change without notice.

playing dog

Boarding (DOGS)

Open Boarding $  45 nightly for first dog
($ 3 dollars off EACH pet if boarding more than one)
Private Boarding $ 51 nightly for first dog
($ 3 dollars off EACH pet if boarding more than one.)

Families with 4 or more dogs will receive custom pricing.


Boarding (CATS)

Open Boarding $33 nightly for first cat
($ 2 dollars off EACH pet if boarding more than one.)
Private Boarding $ 37 nightly for first cat
($ 2 dollars off EACH pet if boarding more than one.)

Families with 4 or more cats will receive custom pricing.


Boarding Exotics

Pricing is dependent on the animal and required care.
(In their own cages) $23 per cage
Multiple Rabbits or larger pets that require a private room equivalent to a dog kennel, such as Ducks, Pigs, chickens
$51 per kennel space

dog in yard

Dog Day Play Program

7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. 7 days each week

reservations required 

Primary Play
(full day) - $20 daily per dog
(1/2 day) - (4 hours or less) $17 daily

Reserved Play
(full day) - $28 daily per dog (no 1/2 days for Reserved players)


Grooming Program (DOGS)

Bath (Most Breeds) - $33 each
Bath (Long-Haired Breeds)- $37 each                                                          golden retrievers, huskys, shepherds, doodles, etc.

Bath (Giant Breeds) - $37 each
Bath (Teacup Breeds) - $23 each

Add $9 for a speciality shampoo! Pick between:                                             Flea/Tick shampoo          Medicated Shampoo         Oatmeal Shampoo

Nail Trim - $18
Nail Dremmel - $25
Anal Gland Adjustment $15   Face Trim $18   Sanitary Trim $18

The Breed Specific Price List for Grooming is located on the Grooming page.

Ear Flush - $19
Ear Cleaning - $13
Brush Only (10 minutes) $13

Brush Only (20 minutes) $ 23

DeMatting ....may take several hours...please discuss with our groomer.


Grooming Program (CATS)

Bath - $33  (add $9 for any specialty shampoo listed above)
Nail Clipping - $13 for front paws + $13 for back paws

We do not dremmel cats nails



Add On Activities!

  • Belly Rub/Snuggle Time $20 for 20 minute fun fest! (No charge for additional family pet if snugged at the same time)
  • Pumkin Popscicle $3 each
  • Peanut Butter Popscicle $3 each
  • Thick Therapeutic Bed $3 per night (or day)
  • Kuranda Style Cot $3 per night (or day)
  • Private Fetch or Frisbee $20 for 20 minutes (no charge for additional family pet)
  • Private Walk or Run $25/per pet for 20 minutes (second pet is an additional $25) 



Due to our lack of available space during these busy 'prime times', we do not offer daycare on and around these special days. 

New Years Day          Heritage Tournamet Week          Memorial Day 

July 4          Labor Day          Thanksgiving          Christmas

We typically suspend daycare a few days before each holiday, on the holiday itself, and a few days after each holiday. The surrounding days vary annually. Contact us to find out the latest specified dates. 

Your "Go-TO" For All Pet Care!

  • Q&A has valuable information for all of our services, including Vaccination Requirements
  • Forms has printable forms so you can get a jump start for your first visit.
  • Pricing has current pricing for ALL services.