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Dog Boarding & Kenneling

Two Dogs in a Bed

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These are our goals for our overnight dog accommodations! We want each guest to feel comfortable & loved while visiting us. We offer two types of sleeping quarters:

Margaret and Kelly in Yard


Allows for your pet(s) to stay in large roomy play areas with a pet (or pets) from other families. Perfect for dogs who don't kennel well due to stress or claustrophobia. Its a slumber party for your pet. (They are still fed separately.) If you prefer open boarding, your pet has to be approved prior for sociability by our staff. If not approved, your pet must utilize our private or luxury boarding. Even if your pet is a Primary Player, he/she may still require Private Boarding.  Ask us if you would like clarification.



Large individual accommodations roomy enough to house three or more large dogs from the same family. Most kennels have a patio & individual sun deck. Just like our open boarding option, all have HVAC with temp kept at approximately 70-74 degrees year round. Even if you choose for your pet(s) to be in social groups during the day, private boarding is still available for you overnight, if you prefer.

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